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Berrin vom Kolenda & Dad Vinnie (Microwave) Johnson #15 Detroit Pistons. Thank you for such a beautiful and wonderful puppy, he is everything I wanted in a German Shepherd. I was very impressed with your kennel and how professionally managed your operation is. All of the dogs were so beautiful and well tempered it was a […]

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Rio vom Kolenda 2011 How are you guys doing? Its been a fast year. Just to refresh your memory we had first pick male on rooney and lucy’s litter. They were born last july 2010 and I drove out from massachussetts to get Rio last september. Rio has turned out beautifully and a very welcome […]

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Jager vom Kolenda Jager ( Cay/Elli) is 10 months now, and just finished basic obedience and will start intermediate classes soon. He has great drive, and we introduced him to the sleeve which he loves! Best Regards, D. Sordo Beau and Bella vom Kolenda The Perlick kids Cleveland OH Baron vom Kolenda ll Susan, Here’s […]

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Brian Parker’s Girls! Reily, Celine, & Milla Kaline vom Kolenda Kaline can’t give up his puppy bed so now he uses it as a pillow! We love him! He is the best dog I have ever seen or had. He is becoming one majestic animal. Thank you so much. Best Wishes, ~Nick Anderson – Kalmazoo […]

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Hey Guys, Just wanted to send updated picture of Gretta at 7 months old.  She is great, everything about her! Thanks again, Derek and Jordan Dreyer Luke vom Kolenda ~The Liu’s New Market MD~ Lizzie vom Kolenda Hello Kolenda Kennels, Lizzie is now 4 months old and we wanted to drop you a line and […]

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Nevaro Just wanted to send a few photos of our wonderful boy so you could see how he’s doing and what he looks like!! Isn’t he awesome?!!! He has the greatest personality! Can’t tell you how much we love and enjoy him every day! He goes once a week to the groomers and loves all […]

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Monza vom Kolenda Hi John & Susan, Monza will be 2 in June, hard to believe!! He’s such a great buddy, excellent temperament and such a loving dog. He has quite the personality! Monza is planning to learn to water ski this summer!. ~L Nykun Rockford MI~ Max I purchased Max from you in Nov. […]

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Sabin vom Kolenda Hi John and Susan, I just wanted to give you an update on Sabin to let you know how he is doing and to send you some recent pictures of him. I just got married a couple months ago so Sabin moved with me to our new home in Sumpter, MI.  My […]

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Lex vom Kolenda I have owned German Shepherds all my life, and this is the best German Shepherd I have ever owned in every respect, temperament, looks, and health! –Doug Bolingbacher Meggett S.C Hi Susan & John, Thank you very much for allowing me to own this outstanding, charming puppy. One is charmed by his […]

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Jake H. Merrymans ~ Holland MI V Otto vom Kolenda SchH3 Kkl 1a Owner – P Evans – MO VP2 Jody and SG1 Otto vom Kolenda at the Mid Central Regional Show 2010 Jody vom Kolenda and her owner Parrish Evans searching through the rubble in Joplin MO tornado 2011. Jody and Parrish are responsible for […]