Dog Associations

American Kennel Club 


The official site of the American Kennel Club.

“We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care, and health-related educational opportunities for our clients.”


German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

“Dedication to the advancement of canine health.”

The Pedigree Database The aim of the pedigree database is to be a tool for breeders. Hopefully, we manage that and in doing so create a professional hub for people to get information about their favorite breed

Veterinary Technicians: A digital library of learning resources for veterinary professionals and people with an interest in animal welfare.


United Schutzhund Clubs of America are dedicated to protecting & preserving the German Shepherd Dog’s working heritage through Schutzhund (German for “protection dog”) training.

Working Dog AssociationSource for information on working dogs.

German Shepherd Dog Training

K-9 Specialist Al Casimiro has over 30 years of experience. Al is a Professional Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviorist.

Here at K-9 Specialist, we believe that there are three phases of training when dealing with your dog. Those phases are the learning phase, the correction phase, and the distraction phase. Protect your Home, Protect your Family, Protect your Life.

Dog Training Meant to Build a Lifetime Bond Between a Dog and the Owner.

German Shepherd Supplies

German Shepherd Services

German Shepherd Resources

A listing of professional trainers and schools throughout the United States, searchable by state

German Shepherd Puppies Basic Dog TrainingFree online version of the manual that accompanies each electronic collar.

German Shepherd Puppy Beginning Obedience TrainingThis non-forceful approach has general applications, although it is written about terriers

Dog Behaviour Advice for German Shepherds Free articles on many aspects of obedience and agility training, problem-solving, socialization, and training equipment.


Dog Training Articles for German ShepherdsA professional trainer provides articles on all types and applications.

German Shepherd Dog Training GuideAdvice and instructions cover house training, commands, leash work, behavior, and tricks.

German Shepherd Dog Training in Florida most decorated & accomplished Dog Trainers in North & South America

Specialized German Shepherd dog training equipment german Shepherd web store carries trusted dog training equipment brands. Our product line of dog training equipment, dog supplies, and handlers items is the highest quality and affordable. The products on this site have been tested and approved.