Dog Associations

American Kennel Club AKC_000

The official site of the American Kennel Club.

Canines of AmericaA central resource covering many aspects of behaviour.

We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients.

GSDCAGerman Shepherd Dog Club of America.

Orthopedic Foundation for AnimalsDeadication to the advancement of canine health.

The Pedigree DatabaseThe aim of pedigreedatabase is to be a tool for breeders. Hopefully we manage that and in doing so create a professional hub for people to get information about their favorite breed

Pet NewswireThe Industry Source for Pet News.

Veterinary Technicians: A digital library of learning resources for veterinary professionals and people with an interest in animal welfare.

United Schutzhund Clubs of AmericaWe are dedicated to protecting & preserving the German Shepherd Dog’s working heritage through Schutzhund (German for “protection dog”) training.

Working Dog AssociationSource for information on working dogs.

Foto Urma

source for world sieger show results

German Shepherd Dog Training

German Shepherd Trainers ProdogZ

For over 17 years we have been training dogs either for clients or in various dog sports like Schutzhund, Agility and AKC Obedience. Throughout the years I have come to learn, that without the right training equipment your success may be limited. Whether it be the correct size harness, pinch collar or leash, its important to take the field each and every time with the correct equipment for your and your dog.

German Shepherd Trainer Mannings Best FriendOur philosphy is simple – training and direction starting with communication and leadership! All successful wolf packs start and end with leadership! Fair leadership leads to quicker, longer lasting memory! We want to encourage teamwork! A K9 handler team is a work of art! As with any work of art, it takes time and patience!


German Shepherd Trainer American Dog Trainers NetworkArticles cover many areas including problem-solving, dog psychology and choosing a trainer.

German Shepherd Puppies Basic Dog TrainingFree online version of the manual that accompanies each electronic collar.

German Shepherd Puppy Beginning Obedience TrainingThis non-forceful approach has general applications, although it is written about terriers.

German Shepherd Puppy Behavior and TrainingFree information about instinct, socializing, housetraining and problems such as digging, chewing, and jumping up.

German Shepherd Canine CaretakerNumerous behavior and training issues are explained, and advice is accompanied by illustrative photographs and drawings.

German Shepherd – Danmark9A former police handler offers information on behavior, obedience and tracking for German Shepherds.

Dog Behaviour Advice for German Shepherds Free articles on many aspects of obedience and agility training, problem solving, socialization and training equipment.

Dog Training Articles for German ShepherdsA professional trainer provides articles on all types and applications.

German Shepherds Dog Training Basics Free articles covering issues such as puppy control, working with rescued dogs and teaching leadership and respect.

German Shepherd Dog Training Basics Free dog training articles & information, puppy raising and training info, dog trainer directory and more!

German Shepherd Dog Training GuideAdvice and instructions cover house training, commands, leash work, behaviour and tricks.

German Shepherd Dog Training MethodsLibrary of articles covering most commonly used dog training methods.

German Shepherd Dog Training Online TV ShowArchived episodes cover many aspects of behaviour and are free to watch.

German Shepherd Dog Training ResourcesYour headquarters for dog training books, supplies, advice and more. Effective resources and methods to train any dog or puppy.

German Shepherd Dog Training VideosThese sessions will be on a very specific subject(s) and will give you techniques that you will be able to understand and put to use right away.

German Shepherd Dog Training in FloridaThe most decorated & accomplished Dog Trainers in North & South America

German Shepherd Family Dog Training Center: ArticlesFree articles on a range of training and competition issues, written by an American Kennel Club judge and the president of a training club. PDF format for downloading.

German Shepherd Food TrainingDiscussion of the arguments for and against this method. Suggests food types and commands to use.

Specialized German Shepherd dog training equipmentGerman Shepherd web store carries trusted dog training equipment brands. Our product line of dog training equipment, dog supplies, and handlers items is the highest quality and affordable. The products on this site have been tested and approved.