Train Your Puppy with German Commands

We broke down how to train your puppy with german commands below. These german commands are fun to say and your dog will learn them in no time. It doesn’t matter if you have an old dog or a new puppy. Training your dog in german commands is fun and very rewarding These commands are great for obedience, protection, tracking, and so much more. The commands below are translated from English to German. We tried out best to keep the spelling and pronunciations accurate: however, if you see something incorrect, please do let us know! 

German Commands and Translations:

German Command English Translation
Achtung Watch
Aus Let Go
Bei Fuss Heel
Bleib Stay
Komm Come
Kriech Crawl
Nein No
Nimm Take It
Bleib sitzen Stay sitting
Bringen Fetch
Fass Attack
Geh weiter Go on
Gib Laut Speak
Halten Halt
Hopp Jump
Pass auf Watch out
Platz Down
Setz Sit
Such Search
Voraus Go Out
Zur Spur Trail
Zur Wache Guard


German Terminology for titles and rankings

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train your puppy with german commands