Kolenda Kennels: A Purebred German Shepherd Breeder

I was first introduced and fell in love with German Shepherds in 1967 when I joined the United States Marines Corps. I was trained as a radio operator and was given a secret clearance. I then trained in camp LeJeune North Carolina 2nd Marines to be on a 5-man forward team, that was part of force recognizance. Our job was to call air strikes throughout Vietnam. These teams would have a dog, ours was a German Shepherd. Many of these dogs lost their lives but were always loyal and brave.

They have gained my respect for life. My experiences aren’t just with breeding and dog shows, but a real understanding of this magnificent breed. I am proud to be a U.S citizen and Marine Corps, veteran.

When Susan and I started our German Shepherd Breeder Business in Michigan back in 2000 as a full-time career, we knew that we wanted to have one that stood out from other German Shepherd Breeders.  We decided to have all of our German Shepherd Dogs imported from Germany. These dogs had to be V-rated, Schutzhund Titled, and Koerklass 1a.

We are very proud to present our German Shepherd Adult Dogs and German Shepherd Puppies to other German Shepherd enthusiasts. We will continue to breed to stringent SV standards to improve our Michigan German Shepherd Kennels bloodline and to offer you the very best of this wonderful breed of dog!

German Shepherd Breeder

John Kolenda with Friend James McCloughan Congregational Medal of Honor Recipient

German Shepherd Breeder

John & Susan Kolenda with Jeff Manning Handler.

As of 5/5/2022 Kolenda Kennels will offer a discount of 10% to all Military veteran’s, with proof of service.

Where it All Starts

German Shepherd Breeder
German Shepherd Breeder
German Shepherd Breeder
German Shepherd Breeder
Kolenda Kennels Michigan

We Are a Nationally Known German Shepherd Kennel

K-9 Zeke vom Kolenda
with Owner and trainer/handler Officer Christian Johnson

PDI = Suspect Apprehension, Handler Protection, Evidence Search, Agility, Obedience.
2011 Region 9 Champion.

We are a Nationally known kennel, we sell and ship our puppies throughout the United States. Even though we are located in Michigan we have sold many german shepherd puppies as far away as CALIFORNIA, TEXAS, NEW YORK, FLORIDA and all the other states plus CANADA and World Wide.

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