Written Guarantee

The health and temperament of this dog is excellent to the best of our knowledge and belief at the time of sale. The required vaccinations and wormings are as indicated on the health record. We advise the Buyer however, to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian of Buyers choice within 72 hours after receipt of the dog. We recommend you take a stool sample with you. If the veterinarian finds the dog to be in poor health, the dog must be immediately returned to us at the expense of Buyer, for a replacement of equal value, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon. Failure to see a veterinarian within 72 hours will void all guarantees. No further guarantee is made.

Our dogs are guaranteed until 5 years of age, for hip dysplasia confirmed by x-rays from a licensed veterinarian. We reserve the right to have the dog re-x-rayed and the x-rays sent to the OFA for evaluation. Should the Buyer prefer to retain the said dog, the Buyer thereby forfeits any replacement. The dog is to be returned to us at the expense of the buyer. This is a replacement guarantee only, with a puppy of equal value at the time of purchase as soon as possible.

Buyer represents that he/she is buying this dog primarily as a personal or family companion even though the dog may have show quality structure. Buyer understands dog is not guaranteed for show or breeding and buyer has no obligation to Seller for showing or breeding this dog ( nor for sharing stud fees or puppies resulting there of.)

Buyer Agrees to feed a premium Dog Food.

In the event, buyer is unable to keep the puppy/dog for any reason he/she agrees to give Kolenda Kennels first option to take the puppy/dog back.

All sales are final and down-payments are non-refundable.

This is a replacement guarantee of the dog with a puppy of equal value at the time of purchase.


I have read the above conditions of sale. I understand and I agree to all conditions of sale as indicated by my signature below.

The entire agreement between the parties is contained here-in. In the event of a dispute, Michigan will have jurisdiction over the matter in Allegan county.




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