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Lex vom Kolenda

I have owned German Shepherds all my life, and this is the best German Shepherd I have ever owned in every respect, temperament, looks, and health!

Doug Bolingbacher
Meggett S.C


Hi Susan & John,

Thank you very much for allowing me to own this outstanding, charming puppy. One is charmed by his beauty, bone structure, temperament and powerful expressions.There is little doubt that he is truly representative of the highest level of German Shepherd breeding. Bronty was named by my two children because of his strong bone structure, reminding them of the powerful “Brontosaurus”  He is truly an attraction where ever he is seen, something like a “Ferran on a leash. There is no doubt that Kolenda Kennels is either the best or one of the best breeders of German Shepherds.”

~ Kim  Frank,  WI ~

Blitz vom Kolenda


When we went to visit Kolenda Kennels we were so impressed with their dogs that we had to have one for ourselves.  We especially liked Karly and wanted a boy that looked like him.  Well we got him!  Blitz has been such a wonderful and beautiful dog.  Everybody always compliments us on his great temperament—he is everyone’s friend.  We even took him to the 2006 North American Sieger Show where he got VP8!  Kolenda Kennels and our boy Blitz have convinced us that GSD’s are the only dogs for us.  We are even considering getting him a sister and we know that it will be from Kolenda.

Jason & Amanda Sahin

Overland Park, KS

Riesling vom Kolenda and big brother.

The Kempenien’s chair baby


Just thought I’d send you some pics of our girl Xoe (daughter of Xena, born 11/01/08) she is a wonderful girl.
You can use any of these on your site if you want.

We get all sorts of compliments and get stopped all the time…people wanting to ask questions about where we got her.

Thank you for breeding such amazing creatures! We are starting to plan for another pup….we’ll be in touch when we’re ready.

Take Care,
Sandra Zubrinic

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