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~The Croys~

Jim, Jen, Tony, Tommy, Nikki & Cyra

Jim, Jen, Tony, Tommy, Nikki & Cyra

~The Nates~



~ Alan Brock~

Odin vom Kolenda


Hello John & Susan,

Here is my boy Odin at one year!  He is so smart. It is like watching a little kid as he figures things out. Odin is both intelligent and beautiful, he has a great personality, and he is a great companion. Even if we weren’t to go any further in training and showing who could ask for anything more? I am very happy with my new best friend and just wanted to thank-you again.

~A. Coward Duvall, WA~

Britta vom Kolenda


~Kevin & Susi – Sutton Bay MI~


~ The Niichel’s Greenwood CO~

Julie vom Kolenda

Julie & Dad  - 2008

Julie & Dad – 2008

~Joe & Kris Tischer Maryland ~

Tucker vom Kolenda

~ Ed (Ryan) Copp, Michigan~


Clough vom Kolenda

Clough is a very happy and healthy boy. He is doing very well in his obedience classes, he is very gentle with older

people and children. He has a wonderful temperament. He loves to be outside and is especially fond of playing in the snow.

We love him! Thank you!

~Doug and Jackie Miron~ Michigan

Clough and Dad, tongues rule!! 2010

Clough and Dad, tongues rule!! 2010

Rommel vom Kolenda


As I was looking through your gallery of pictures and saw the dogs with all their awards and thought you might like to know that Romel is Mardi Gras Royalty! We have a large Mardi Gas celebration here in Pensacola Beach and he won the contest!

~ Chris & Becky Shearman~ Florida

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